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About Budget Pest Control

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Budget Pest Control has served the Cleveland area for over 17 years. We’re a family-owned, fully licensed company that works hard to rid Cleveland of bed bugs and unwanted pests. We use safe, effective methods for your pest control needs. These are some of the services we provide:

• Bed bug removal
• Ant and wasp removal
• Rodent control

Bed bugs are a common problem in the Cleveland area. If your home is overrun with bed bugs, please call our team today. Bed bugs are dangerous, hardy creatures. They’ll spend months living comfortably in the crevices of your home. Budget Pest Control will use state-of-the-art techniques to safely rid your home of these unwanted pests.

Bees and wasps enjoy building nests outside of homes. Many homeowners attempt to remove the nests by spraying dangerous chemicals at the wasps and ants. This is often a very risky procedure. You risk getting stung by bees who are now filled with dangerous chemicals. We will safely and efficiently remove the nests for you.

Ants love to annoy homeowners in the warm months. It seems that every year, these pesky ants make their way into homes and stay there all summer. Ant traps control the outbreaks a bit, but that is often not enough. Ants, especially carpenter ants, can cause structural damage to homes if left untreated. Don’t let your home become damaged because of pesky ants!

Budget Pest Control is here to cure your home of pests. Call the Cleveland pest control professionals today.